AELIP-48: ARB Token Allocation


Simple Summary

This AELIP specifies the allowable uses of the ARB tokens that were granted to Aelin as a part of their airdrop in March 2023. There were no strings attached to this grant of tokens other than that each protocol knows their community best and thus is in the best position to distribute Arbitrum governance power within their community. This AELIP proposes to distribute the ARB tokens to two distinct groups within our community, developers and users.


This AELIP directs the Aelin Council to use the ARB tokens to incentivize users of VestAMM on Arbitrum and compensate developers who take devdao tickets.


Distribute ARB tokens in a way that distributes Arbitrum governance power to the Aelin community and highlights the value of VestAMM.



This AELIP authorizes the Aelin Council to distribute ARB tokens to the following two groups:

Developers: Aelin recently announced its devdao which allows anyone with technical abilities to contribute to Aelin. Up to 25,000 of the ARB tokens granted to Aelin may be used to compensate devdao developers who take tickets and contribute to building on Arbitrum/Aelin. Aelin is on many chains; however, ARB tokens will only be used for devdao tickets specifically related to Arbitrum or generic Aelin tickets that do not benefit a competing network over Arbitrum.

Users: VestAMM has the potential to bring significant value to the Arbitrum ecosystem by locking liquidity on the network in a way that is beneficial to both projects and their communities. This grant gives Aelin the ability to showcase how ARB grants to Aelin can be an important piece of the network’s liquidity strategy. This AELIP mandates the Aelin Council to use at least 50k of ARB tokens as incentives to encourage VestAMM adoption on Arbitrum.


This distribution method puts governance in the hands of people who are building on Arbitrum/Aelin as well as people who are actively using Aelin.

Technical Specification

Test Cases

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