AELIP-36: Mandatory Meetings and Stipend Increase


Simple Summary

This AELIP proposes the creation of a once-a-month Aelin Council meeting, an inactivity threshold for the maximum number of mandatory Aelin Council meetings a council member can miss before being disqualified from running for the Aelin Council in the following epoch.

Also, it proposes increasing the AELIN Council Stipend to 0.5 AELIN per month instead of 0.2.


The Aelin Council is the governance body of Aelin. It uses power delegated by AELIN stakers and LPs to vote on proposed protocol changes to advance the protocol's future. Aelin Councilors also handle the treasury of Aelin and allocate it properly to ensure the protocol's fiscal responsibility.

Because the Aelin Council directly shapes the future of the protocol, the Aelin Council must be in constant communication with the overall community. To better ensure the protocols communication, this AELIP proposes the creation of two main items:

  1. The Aelin Council must hold one mandatory council meeting per month
  2. Aelin Councillors must attend at least 2/3 of meetings during their epoch.

If this threshold is exceeded, the Aelin Councillor will not be allowed to run in the Aelin Council election for the following epoch.


Conceptually, this AELIP intends to ensure that all Aelin Councillors are attending mandatory meetings. The Aelin Council has served as a body to sign transactions without any involvement or mandate to establish its vision for the protocol, even though they are the main body that votes on proposed protocol changes.

With that in mind, it is crucial that the Aelin Council have more structure in its mandatory meetings and that there is an inactivity threshold set for Aelin Councillors.



This AELIP proposes two main items:

  1. The Aelin Council must hold one mandatory council meeting per month. The 3 mandatory meetings must be scattered enough to cover all time zones. The discretion for time of public meetings will be left to the council
  2. Aelin Councillors must attend at least 2/3 meetings during their epoch.

All councilor members' attendance will be tallied at the end of the epoch. If a councilor member has attended less than two meetings, they will be restricted from running for the council for the following epoch.


The rationale behind this AELIP is to ensure that the Aelin Council constantly communicates with the Aelin Community. Furthermore, this ensures that Aelin Council members attend these monthly meetings to share their vision for the protocol's future.

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