AELIP-25: Pool Disclosure Requirements


Simple Summary

This AELIP proposes to establish a program to standardize disclosures from pools and to allow pools that fit within disclosure agreements to receive a signal from the Aelin Council in support of their pool.


Pools that are interested in co-marketing and Aelin Council filtering support are required to complete basic disclosures. These basics disclosures surround multiple sections, they are as follows:

  • Project Info
  • Founding Team Identity
  • Project Business Plan
  • Tokenomics
  • Other Risks and Disclosures

All of these sections will help to ensure that pools that are presented on the Aelin UI within the Aelin Council filter, fit within high standards of disclosure and that users have a high degree of certainty of what they're investing in.

It's important to note that the Aelin Council is only mandating certain disclosures from the project, and it is impossible to determine if any project is completetly legitimate and free of issues. Please do your own research.


As Aelin is a completely trustless platform, many pools have been created which are obvious frauds. In a path towards improving the quality of pools featured on the Aelin pools UI, this AELIP should allow for pools to be endorsed by the Aelin Council based on filling out a template of disclosure for the pool.



Steps for Disclosure

  • Step 1: Pool Sponsor / Protocol submits required disclosure information to the Aelin Council.

  • Step 2: Aelin Council reviews information and responds with a decision, this decision is based on if the pool has submitted the required disclosure information. If your pool requires more information, the Aelin Council will respond with what additional information is required.

  • Step 3: Once you’ve been approved, the Aelin Council will signal on the Aelin UI that your pool has the “Aelin Council Disclosure Checkmark of Approval” with a link to your disclosure information.

  • Step 4: Once approved, the Aelin Council will signal its support of the pool and the ‘Aelin Council’ filter will show its support as well.

Note - The Aelin Council reserves the right to deny a pool for any reason.

Required Disclosure Information - Hosted on Mirror and inserted into the Aelin UI.

Project Info:

Est. Launch Date:

Founding Team Identity

Anon/ Non Anon Founders/Devs:
Projects launched in the past:
Github of Devs (to show competency):
Other Current Commitments:
Are you willing to have a call with the Aelin Council to discuss the project? (yes/no):

Business Plan

Market Analysis:
Product Explanation:
Growth Strategy:
Bull case:
Bear case:
Expected use of Capital:


Token use-case:
Supply breakdown:
Inflation and Fee allocation (if applicable fee):
Vesting information for contributors/angels/vc’s/ etc:

Risks and Disclosures

Project References (Ex: Kain Warwick may be a project reference for Aelin/Synthetix):
Risks of Project:



Technical Specification

Same as overview

Test Cases


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